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X-presso is the new mobile app for Insurance Professionals from Xchanging.

What is X-presso?

X-presso is Xchanging’s new mobile app for Insurance Professionals.

X-presso currently hosts Claims Viewer and IMR4Brokers, which grant users access to the Insurers’ Market Repository (IMR).


How does it work?

X-presso combines all the benefits and familiarity of paper with immediate electronic access to the IMR.  Using the latest page-turning technology, Claims Viewer in X-presso is an electronic version of how physical documents are really used.


As the leading technology provider for the London insurance market, Xchanging recognises hand held solutions are the next step in the market’s modernisation.  X-presso gives you mobile access to the IMR whether at home, with your clients or out in the market. This is a technology that frees underwriters from their desks, speeds decision making and customer interactions.


Throughout 2013 X-presso will grow to include functionality for all users in the London Market. By joining our community, you will be amongst the first to find out about our progress, and amongst the first to participate in the collaborative community enabling tools that X-presso will soon reveal.

In the meantime, please follow us on our Social Media. We hope that the X-presso LinkedIn page and Twitter account will, for now, be the forum for innovation and discussions.

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The X-presso story

The man whose name now describes the London insurance market made a fine cup of coffee. He was also a true innovator. 

Edward Lloyd transformed maritime insurance in 17th Century London. The Lloyd’s Coffee House in the heart of the City grew a reputation for first-hand shipping news that could be trusted. His innovation? Giving his customers – merchants and shipowners – a blackboard and chalk. It’s how under-writing started. In an instant it was easy to record risks and prove cargo and ships were covered with a signature. 

Underwriting’s next big innovation is something you can hold easily, too.  And it’s a lot more powerful. Xchanging’s  X-presso is the mobile app for Insurance professionals. Get access to your claims documents on your iPad wherever you go and speed up decision-making, response times and improve customer service.

 Past events

We launched X-presso on Tuesday February 12th 2013. It was a great success!
- Richard Ward, CEO of Lloyd’s, described x-presso as a ‘Game changing app for the London Market’
- We had over 2000 guests
- We gave over 400 demos
- We brought insurance back to the coffeehouse!